*sending hugs if it's okie? Please make sure you get to do something wonderful if you're having a bad day ❤️

It‘s totally okay!

Thank you, sweetheart 💕

Well, I’m one of the colleges that’s switching to online cause of the corona virus. Hoping any people in a similar situation will continue doing well in school and remember to wash your hands!

I hate using alcohol as an escape but god I really needed something to clear my head

I try, I don’t try. I love, I don’t love enough. It seems it doesn’t matter what path I choose when it comes to relationships cause in the end, I’m the one left with the broken heart and the sleepless nights

Well, single again, and I got broken up with this time. idk what to do, maybe I’ll just never find the one. it’s just gonna be a rough couple of days I can tell ya that