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Hi! I ate an apple and feel real bad about it. 🙂

Am I the only one that doesn’t feel worthy enough to go out and have fun if I have eaten that day?

If I take my meds and then binge and purge an hour after, should I take them again?

I hate what I’ve done to myself.

I’m actually feeling really damn suicidal rn.I managed to gain 10 lbs from binging this week, and I am bloated as fuck but still need to go to school tomorrow. I legitimately can’t stop crying because of how ashamed I am. I’ll do a 72h water fast so I don’t feel like complete shit and get some weight off. I can’t believe I let myself get to this point.No clue how I’m gonna leave the house tomorrow.

Can my stomach like shut the fuck up? I’m trying to sleep here.

I’m not #pro anything I’m just using the tags so similar people can see my posts so calm your fucking tits inbox annons.

Would you bleed for me?🌊

Guys so I have lost like 18 pounds a while ago and I have never been that happy with myself I felt confident and pretty but I’ve been under ALOT of stress lately and I’ve gained every single pound back and I’m devastated. So please hit me up with anything meanspo, thinspo, if you need an ana buddy or just found yourself in a snimillar situation. I am litterally crying rn just looking at myself I need to get rid of this weight ASAP so I’m starting a water fast hit me up if you wanna join me. I love you all.? -xxchampagnemommyxx