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Hi! I ate an apple and feel real bad about it. 🙂

Am I the only one that doesn’t feel worthy enough to go out and have fun if I have eaten that day?

Too insecure for prom…

Sooo it’s my boyfriend’s prom in a week and I’m his date. I’ve been looking forward to it for months now. I got my nails done,freshly died my hair and bought a super expensive dress.The only problem is I can’t stop thinking about what if all the other girl’s there are prettier and skinnier than me??? At first I loved the dress I bought, but since it’s not a tight dress I feel really insecure and I’m scared it makes me look bigger.I don’t know what to do…

If I take my meds and then binge and purge an hour after, should I take them again?

Can my stomach like shut the fuck up? I’m trying to sleep here.

I’m not #pro anything I’m just using the tags so similar people can see my posts so calm your fucking tits inbox annons.

Jesus fuck I’m fat lmaooo

Confession: Hunger pains make me feel proud.

Okay but like how is 0 calorie bread not a thing yet?

What is the grossest thing your eating disorder has made you do?