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You know the feeling when you’re lonely but you know that no matter what, you can’t do anything about it?

I really wanna talk to someone in person but that will never happen because I don’t have anyone here. Just a few friends, but they’re busy hanging out with other people.

I just can’t stop thinking about leaving everything behind.

Sorry for this personal stuff. Just needed to let it out somehow.

I’m back (but in a good way?)

Alright so for everyone who cares or was wondering why I didn’t post anything for a long time.

I was logged out of this account because I was concentrating on life and also had a ton of things going on (still have tho).

And idk how or why or what exactly happened. But I feel quite good. Well. I still have some bad days where I feel lonely but it’s way better than it used to be. I’m now concentrating on smth else (ED cause I’m fat lmao) but I srsly think I got out of all the depression and suicidal stuff and that is such a damn good feeling tbh. (Just hope this is not a phase and lasts for a long time)

But what I actually wanted to tell all of you, it gets better! I know you’re probably sick of hearing it cause I was, but you have to keep fighting just a little bit! Not for me or for a family member or for a friend but for yourself because you deserve to get to know the happy side of life. Like I always say, you’ll never be happy and bright af. Because no one is. There will always be moments or days where you don’t feel like doing anything or feel sad. But I promise you that one day you‘ll definitely feel better than you do now!

You can always pm me or send me an ask or anything if you wanna talk or vent or just wanna make friends and I’ll try my best to help you! Promise ^^