Author: Just. Why?

I really need to get off the internet and get some real friends. All I do is work and then go home and cry and scroll on my phone. I barely eat. I know there’s nothing you can do I just needed to tell someone I’m sorry

Don‘t be sorry! That’s why I’m here for ^^

So you actually know what to do to change your life a bit. That’s good. It’s kind of the first step. I know it can be really challenging and hard to makes changes. You can ask a person you’re close to to help you tho. Like a sibling or relative, or an old friend. Try to hang out with them more and that way you can make new friends as well. You just have to stay strong and be patient. A lot of things take time and so do new relationships ~

Too many things are going on at the moment.

I can‘t handle anything anymore. I really can’t!




i’m actually tired bro, like from the bottom of my heart. i am tired


Have you ever just randomly cried because you’ve been holding shit in for too long?



I miss the way I used to laugh. Like I still giggle at things and find things funny but I don’t properly laugh anymore and I really fucking miss it.



Do you ever have this thing where one of your friends starts texting you but you’re just not mentally in a good enough place to socialize but you text them back anyway because you feel guilty but as soon as you start texting them you regret it because you just can’t seem to be nice enough or answer properly and you know you’re probably hurting your friend because you’re being cold but you just can’t filter how bad you feel mentally so you just start ignoring their text because you don’t know what else to do?


truth is : even if i’m not sad i’m still not happy.