Author: depressed and shit

I realize that I don’t have that person anymore. That person I can easily talk about my problems with, that I can rant too, that I can vent too. I’m just letting everything vent up inside and Idk how much more of that I can take

Why are you still in my head.. please.. just please I need you out


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Sharing this again just cause

Well, I got a gf. And this one feels different.. everything feels so natural and it’s such a breath of fresh air and I think this has the chance to be my most successful one. I really hope this one will last, I just need a happy ending more then anything to regain some of my sanity and trust in people back

4 years ago today you changed me, you made me trust less, you gave me all of these insecurities, you made me feel worthless…. but you did it to save yourself and I can’t hate you for that. A part of me still loves you and hopes you’re as happy as I always dreamed you’d be, I just wish I was able to be beside you as you recovered. God I miss you and this is always the hardest time of the year because a heart never forgets its first love..

God my heart hurts again, why do I always put myself through this just to watch the same result happen every time