Author: Cigarettes & Diet coke.

Hi! I ate an apple and feel real bad about it. 🙂

Am I the only one that doesn’t feel worthy enough to go out and have fun if I have eaten that day?

I hope time will heal you my friend, you do not deserve to live this way

This made me tear up

I'm sure the dress looks beautiful. Don't let self doubt stop you from having this wonderful moment. I know it's hard but it truly isn't something you'll get to experience twice. Try to enjoy the dress and the night. Don't talk yourself out of something special.

Tank you so much! I think you are right.♡

Too insecure for prom…

Sooo it’s my boyfriend’s prom in a week and I’m his date. I’ve been looking forward to it for months now. I got my nails done,freshly died my hair and bought a super expensive dress.The only problem is I can’t stop thinking about what if all the other girl’s there are prettier and skinnier than me??? At first I loved the dress I bought, but since it’s not a tight dress I feel really insecure and I’m scared it makes me look bigger.I don’t know what to do…


Are there any People who want to start an ana gc who are around the same weight??

This is just so we can relate and help eachother our for support💜 So anyone who I guess is 160+ 😅 or if you just want to join in general reblog 😁


If I take my meds and then binge and purge an hour after, should I take them again?

not losing weight does not mean failure.

I know but it kinda feels like it to me :/

Where do you smoke?

What do you mean where? Haha ♡

I hate what I’ve done to myself.

I’m actually feeling really damn suicidal rn.I managed to gain 10 lbs from binging this week, and I am bloated as fuck but still need to go to school tomorrow. I legitimately can’t stop crying because of how ashamed I am. I’ll do a 72h water fast so I don’t feel like complete shit and get some weight off. I can’t believe I let myself get to this point.No clue how I’m gonna leave the house tomorrow.