I'm scared to tell anyone, can you help m…

I'm scared to tell anyone, can you help me?I stopped eating bc I don't feel like I deserve to eat. It makes me feel pitiful and weak.Besides, I don't have anymore room on my arms or legs for things that leave scars, and being hungry doesn't hurt as much. I nibble on food if ppl are around me, bc I can feel them judging me when j pick at my food or don't eat. And they already laugh at me as it is, so if I barely eat, what's the big deal? Idk what to do anymore.

First of all you should try to ignore those ppl who make fun of you. Idk from which planet or universe they are but on earth every single person needs to eat so it’s ridiculous to laugh at ppl or talk about them behind their back just bc they eat or do smth else they need to do.
Secondly you should try to talk to someone about all those things you know. Like self harm or also your eating habits bc just talking to a person you trust can help a lot. You don’t even need to talk to a therapist if it gets better like this. Please try to open up to someone. It doesn’t has to be a group of ppl but just one person, alright? Stay strong ^^