how do you tell some one "I just want you…

how do you tell some one "I just want you to hold me tight and not ask what's wrong. Just hold me and let me cry. " I need some body i can trust bc I trust them. Not bc I'm in pain and vulnerable to believe the person that's been hurting me has changed. Bc they haven't but they are the only one who is there. So I keep thinking maybe this time it's different. But it never is. And the one person i want to know, and to hold me close, I haven't told how I feel, bc i can't explain it and I'm scared

Don’t be scared. I know it‘s gonna be hard but try tell the person the exact same thing what you just wrote here. Of course you first have to make clear that he/she is listening to you but then you just need to start and once you‘re talking about it I‘m sure you‘ll let everything out what you want to say to the person.

And if that‘s too hard for you then write everything down on a paper what you want the person to know and give it to him/her. I did it myself and it‘s definitely easier like that than talking to him/her in person you know.

I‘m sure you can make it somehow ^^ just stay strong and never lose hope ~