This is it, today is the day I’m changing my life. Self love is something that needs to happen if I’m ever able to maintain healthy relationships with anyone I encounter in my life. I’m saying these words for the first time maybe ever. I matter. I am important. People do care. I am a lovable person. I can do great things and I will do great things. My life is changing and I need to change with it, I’m in control of my thoughts and what I think and I need to start taking that control. I need to stop overthinking and accept that the worst possible thing is not going to happen or will happen, when it’s never the case. I know this will be a challenge, a great one, but it’s necessary if I ever want to be genuinely happy. I may not be active on here that much or maybe ever but I’m very thankful for the people I’ve met on here and know that I hope the best for all of you really. I love you all. Goodbye from Kevin.