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Sharing this again just cause


Where did everything go wrong again

Why can‘t I allow myself to believe that others do care for me and want to help?!

Instead I’m sitting here crying and thinking that I’m all alone even though I know there are people I can talk to.

But in spite of everything I still just can’t because my goddamn brain won’t let me.

Not kidding. This feeling of loneliness and the blockade is seriously gonna be the end of me one day.

Well, I got a gf. And this one feels different.. everything feels so natural and it’s such a breath of fresh air and I think this has the chance to be my most successful one. I really hope this one will last, I just need a happy ending more then anything to regain some of my sanity and trust in people back


4 years ago today you changed me, you made me trust less, you gave me all of these insecurities, you made me feel worthless…. but you did it to save yourself and I can’t hate you for that. A part of me still loves you and hopes you’re as happy as I always dreamed you’d be, I just wish I was able to be beside you as you recovered. God I miss you and this is always the hardest time of the year because a heart never forgets its first love..


Everytime a car passes by, I’m tempted to jump in front of it.


“Nobody really cares until something dramatic happens”

The Suicide Effect